With spring just around the corner and the time change on Sunday, which means now the day are longer.

 Here at ONE GIRL’S PARTY we’ve be burning the midnight oil in my studio, which is wonderful to have that quiet time but we welcome the sunrise and the long days with open arms...

I love the calling of morning, yes I am an “Early bird” and a “Night Owl”…mmm maybe that why I love birds so much.

I’m taking one girl’s party on what I like to call “creative journey”. Building my brand over the year I was just spinning my wheel over and over. But it hit me the end of last year, a little voice came to me and said, ”take a breath and created”  so with pencil in hand writing down and draw out my “creative journey” and reinventing “ONE GIRL’S PARTY”    

So far so good in just a wonderful time and can’t wait to share the entire amazing things…in the studio now we’re finishing up all of the jewelry collection and then it on to handbag...





you can also check us out on!/onegirlsparty


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