I come from a long line of woman who work from HOME..Start with my Grandmother who work from home She had her own studio at home as an milliner and  my Mom  who also work from home first in the antic in our home in Boston and then a garage in California.. who made custom drapery, slipcover and everything for the home. So it's no wonder I love working from home and my love of Interior Design.. I just love surfing the web for inspiration and blogging about my find  

 So with that,what your style? How do your make a house into a home? I'm so luck over the years to work with lots of friends who are amazing Designer.  Working around creative people help me grow as a designer..  so just maybe they let me drive along for the ride, on making HOUSE A  HOME and if you know me, I love " BALLING ON A BUDGET " 

 tonight my pre-launch


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