One of my biggest influences is My mother who was an amazing artist, who made custom dresses and ran her own Interior Design business for as long as I can remember. Working with her at the 10 yrs my job was all about picking out the right color of thread or trim to add on drapery, slipcover or pillows ... at 12yr I would go to customer home with my mom where she was measuring for drapery, slipcover ete.. customers would ask my mom interior design Question and My mom would say " Nancy aka me Corrina has a great eye for design can help you" so there I'm 12 and rearriving people furniture the beginning of the side hustle LOL its also was the time I was making dresses for my friend and selling them. LATER I work alongside my mom for 15 yrs and then hit the road to Interior designers working in the field for 45... I never went to school for Interior Design but I'm so lucky, grateful and blessed to have the best teacher in the world my mom learning not only about design.working with people and the best part about her is how she still made time to making a
I love now be able to live  out my best life with ONE GIRLS PARTY