dusting off 2020 and jumping back into it in 2021

One of the many reasons I started " Come True Through the Back Door "is my love of SOUL TRAIN on a Saturday was everything and more... It was learning about new dances, fashion and what the singer was on this week... But the real part of the show was 100% the dancer. They were like family, are go-to people for style, we knew their name like they were are BFF So when I heard the news about Shabba-doo ( Adolfo Quiñones) passing away was sad. He was a true pioneer of the dance from the floor of Soul Train to the movie screen. please when you have the time please read about him.. I love this one from "The Hollywood Report"  https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/adolfo-quinones-dancer-choreographer-and-cultural-icon-known-as-shabba-doo-dies-at-65

RIP Shabba-doo and thank you for being the fabric of our LIFE

 Come True Through the Back Door is under the umbrella of One Girls Party



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