Movies Aren't Just For Sundays Any More!!


Well, look like my " SUNDAY MORNING MOVIES " just took on a whole new meaning..
With all that going on in the world today and a little more time on our hands Movies are not just for Sunday anymore. With all the movie right at our fingertips, you never have to leave home again, but if you do..
Your next Hollywood blockbuster movie for summer!! Maybe just around the corner..Its time to go old school 

 It's making a come back.. in my L.L.COOL J voice  "don't call it a come-back"  Whats on trend for Summer THE DRIVE-IN-THEATER is taking Social Distancing to a whole new level!! In the comfort of your own car, you can take back your life..  So pack up some pillows,blankets,a few snack and the kiddo or that special someone,and off you go! ..Step back in time with a great night that the movie!! so what do you think? Are you ready to step back in time? or maybe  you never be to a Drive-In?  ..

Pass the popcorn and see you at the DRIVE-IN-MOVIES 

                          HAVE A GREAT DAY...ENJOY LIFE 

In The Know..

how it all got started.






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