I love Summer!! With the days are longer and the sun rises very early, which is perfect for an early bird like me. I love looking at all my old pictures of summer gone by..I'm sure you have those picture too.There inspirational to me with  colors and texture..That's why its a big part of ONE GIRLS PARTY  from Summer to Fall The beach, the weather and grilling in the back yard,can't wait! Let the Summer startMY BIG BROTHER PHILMY MOM my DAD



Some years ago a did some great Summer bags call "LETTER IN THE SAND" and "LITTLE STRAWBAG" maybe I have to bring them back ...2013 ??


But  its about the here & now 2012   I working in my studio with those long day of summer.. today adding the detail to " LIFE IS CHARMING" now I know why its call ONE GIRLS ;) web designer,pr,creative dir: cutter,sewer ...its all good!!  and will make a little time to play. Like they say "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY"  well you get the picture




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