So what does that mean?
Design to me is a big word. Because my brain doesn't think of just one kind of design is everywhere in everything... Design plays an important part, in our life including, architecture, Fashion, Furniture, Lighting, interior design, kitchenware, Textile Design, etc as for me...
The blog is just my escape and place to take a deep breath
It's all me about scroll non-stop basically, obsessed in Interior Design, Fashion, The Art's, Even Music has it place and The love of thing design by nature I can't wait to share my love of design having a great time and, enjoying life.. I would love to talk to others who share the same love of design.Don't worry they're still going to be ONE GIRLS PARTY with all of our one-of-a-kind Hippie Girl, Cocktails at six Grave Yard Shift Handbags, and Jewelry, just added Home accessorize,
after all who doesn't love a great party

                XOXO ONE GIRLS PARTY it's all in the bag House & Home

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