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Let's turn up the music low with the last week of September

This is hard for me to admit, but here goes nothing! I am Make a confession related to my Vacation !!! . I’d be lying if I said taking a vacation was easy but it was not easy for me... yes I had my shot but still well you get the picture also to leave my home for so long period is a little much but I did it!


 I love to go on vacation but I hate to fly so I always have a mantra When taking off I say "I'm AN ASTRONAUT" and once in the air COCKTAIL PLEASE LOL I  did it!! 


The Ka'anapali Resort was so cool, hip just my style built in the 60's and pink I was ready to take some great photo If you know me by now I am a "DESIGN JUNKIE " I love it but the big one for me is ....

drum roll, please...

I am scared of heights and I have little vertigo..it is not so bad but Acrophobia is an excessive fear of heights and manifests as severe anxiety. or just walking upstairs or climbing a ladder. oh did I say elevators too The Resort check all the boxes,I was ready Maui and my FEAR FACTOR .



I did it!! Overcoming fears is hard and I was ready to make the big step... 

It took me about two days to go out of the room by myself.. The first days Wolfgang was so cool and kind  holding my hand LOL to keep it short, soon I was on my way to having a great vacation....



 what's next I'm so ready !!!I’m hoping that now that it’s out in the world, I can take on it one vacation at a time



  it's was a magical time with all the rainbows throughout the week

As I ran down early in the morning (by myself) to get a great spot by the pool.. it look like rain but who cares the air was so fresh and clean ..
I started small talk with a lady talking about all the rainbows..When ask where she was from she said San Diego lol and she is coming here for 25 years...and is going to be on vacation for 3 weeks Then I Found out she was also a Nurse and had been working day & night fight to save lives ... we talk a little but not too deep then we both look up and over the ocean was a double rainbow
Few words are needed

I do believe in Magic,Dream Come True and There No Place Like Home

What’s an uncomfortable confession you’re willing to admit to the world?
XOXO ONE GIRLS PARTY... its all in the bag House & Home 

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