Welcome, new & old followers & friends! It’s been a while since I introduced myself, so here goes. I’m Corrina Paterno  Designer and Creative Director of One Girls Party from Boston MassI love Fashion but what you may not know I Love is cooking I'M LOL because I was not always a good cook at all... fast Forward 

I love this time of years and with people back on the red carpet did someone say "OSCAR"...Made it home just in time to Cheer, put on my apron, and make a little party of two!!!

Meal on a Stick

Beefsteak & shrimp
Bell pepper yellow and red
Bar-Q sauce seasoning and zucchini side 

Kabobs not on a grill but made it in a skillet.. I know was my first time doing it and will not be my last... it was so much fun and for aside, I did zucchini noodle which I a junkie and use it at lot with many dishes .. 


What a great night food, drink, dessert, hang out with my man and OSCAR 


with all of the amazing speakers and Even though I didn't see any of these films... I am so ready for the weekend with popcorn in hand and on-demand ROLL TAPE !!!!

I’m so glad you’re here!
XOXO ONE GIRLS PARTY ... it's in the bag House & Home


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